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TeamSpeak 3

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Для подключения к серверу версии 3.0.8 требуется обновить клиент до версии 3.0.11.


С полным списком изменений вы можете ознакомиться ниже:

TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.11

<DIV STYLE="width:700; height:200; overflow:scroll; border:double; border-color : #33bd34">=== Client Release 3.0.11 31 Jul 2013

! Changed the platform string for the Mac OsX platform from "Mac" to "OS X"

+ Added (Windows only) hotkey support for multiple USB devices. If we cannot

get the USB device name from the system, we will try to read it from a local

file. Please notice usb.ids in root folder. You can always overwrite it with

the latest version from http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids.

+ The chat- and poke messages are now styleable too. Please notice the

default_chat.qss in styles/ folder for example. The default_chat.qss is also

the fallback if <stylename>_chat.qss does not exist.

+ Added "Classic" theme for users who want the old chat color scheme back.

+ Protection against DOS attacks was added to server 3.0.8. Added required

counterpart of this functionality to the client. Server 3.0.8 requires

client 3.0.11 to connect.

+ Added C++ runtime libraries to Linux deployment

* Reworked URLs storage hopefully fixing crash on loading corrupt data file.

Stored URLs from previous versions will expire.

* Autoexpire URLs after 180 days.

* Plugin API: printMessage and printMessageToCurrentTab are now executed in

the GUI thread, fixing a crash in the Arma plugin.

* Added "Channel" to Receive/Sent Poke notification. New default for both

is server + channel + client.

* Added confirmation when deleting an Identity via the remove button.

* Automatically close "ban client" and "serverquery login" dialogs when


* Added limit of 40 characters in phonetic nickname field in channel dialog.

* Added character limit to name field in server/channel copy dialog.

* Added copying Server IP to clipboard from server connectioninfo dialog.

* Added a dialog to make sure the user will be informed about old USB device

hotkeys. They have to be newly assigned once.

* Changed default chat notification settings for outgoing pokes.

* Changed default settings for neutral contacts, no custom name anymore.

* Added rootIsDecorated to remove collapse indicator on root item to stylesheet


* Added to channel template: CHANNEL_VOICE_DATA_ENCRYPTED_FLAG

* Added to server template: SERVER_VERSION_SHORT

* Added that info frame loads the |style|_chat.qss

- Fixed issue with outgoing poke display when user has special characters in

in his nickname and the poke contains an URL.

- Removed Collected URLs item from the tray menu.

- Fixed some custom nickname displays which were not shown correctly (chat,

poke and whisper history).

- Fixed UTF-8 display of country tooltips (e.g. Curaçao), added bl.png for

Saint Barthélemy.

- Fixed "Make current channel default" in bookmarks dialog which didn't work

properly after adding this bookmark while already being connected.

- Fixed wrong connection count for new bookmarks (was 1 after creation even

if we didn't connect yet).

- Fixed vanishing port number from bookmark address field.

- Fixed issue with chat pen displaying chat partner is typing when he was

just interacting with the tab.

- Fixed webserver list freezing when webserver is not reachable.

- Fixed wrong "Apply/Discard" dialog when changing option pages.

- Plugin API: Callbacks are now called properly on requestFileList

- Fixed issues with highlight and filter in server log dialog.

- Fixed offline message subject which will no longer send newlines.

- Fixed that http:// is now the default scheme when missing in poke- or

hostmessage dialog.

- Fixed stylesheet helper hotkey which now shows the correct object names.

- Fixed the translation of some hotkey descriptions.

- Fixed server messages which had an additional whitespace at the beginning.

- Fixed quoting of channel- and user links.

- Fixed pasting a newline character which now is prevented at several places.

- Fixed discarding mouse buttons at hotkey system "Keyboard & Mouse Only". If

you don't need discarding, "Default" is the better choice and also more


- Fixed unusable sound devices in osx

- Fixed default Downloads folder on Linux, no longer download to home dir.



TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.8

<DIV STYLE="width:700; height:200; overflow:scroll; border:double; border-color : #33bd34">- new login protocol. TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.11 (published July 31st 2013) required to connect to the new server. Older clients cannot connect to this server version.

- added new commandline parameter "query_skipbruteforcecheck" to disable any protection for whitelisted IP addresses for the ServerQuery interface

- added protection against login cpu usage DOS attacks

- moving virtual servers between instances should no longer trigger the "running elsewhere" accounting error


<FIELDSET><LEGEND align="center"><B><font color=#993300>Скачать</font></B></LEGEND>Все ссылки указаны в первом посте



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Игра World of Tanks,


Название канала: Клан [6YHT] НЕИСТОВЫЕ БУНТАРИ


Подканалы: Гостиная, Штаб, Тренировочная комната, Взвод 1, Взвод 2, Взвод 3, Взвод 4, Взвод 5, Взвод 6, Взвод 7, Рота 1, Рота 2, ГК, Комната отдыха (для тех кто не в игре).


Пароль: да


Заранее благодарен! :098:

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